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NFL Power rankings week 5

The Texans and Falcons are the lone  unbeaten teams in the NFL this season. The 49ers are crushing teams again after their loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

1. Houston Texans(5-0) Last week rank (1)

The Texans should be tested in the coming weeks with games against the Packers and Ravens.

2. Atlanta Falcons(5-0) Last week rank (2)

The Falcons are finding ways to win the close games this season. Those are signs of a great team.

3. San Francisco 49ers(4-1) Last week rank (3)

The 49ers have outscored their opponents 79-3 in the last 2 games.

4. Baltimore Ravens(4-1) Last week rank (4)

Big game this week against the Dallas Cowboys. They won an ugly game against the Chiefs last week 9-6. The Ravens will be looking to get their offense back on track.

5. New England Patriots(3-2) Last week rank (7)

The Patriots are leading the NFL in scoring this season. As long as the running game continues to flourish the Pats should be very good.

6. Chicago Bears(4-1) Last week rank (9)

The Bears defense has scored 5 touchdowns in the past 3 games. The Cutler to Marshall connection is starting to take off as well.

7. Arizona Cardinals(4-1) Last week rank (5)

After the 4-0 start the Cardinals lost their first game last week.

8. New York Giants(3-2) Last week rank (10)

The key to the Giants will be the running game this season. They got it going last week and coasted to an easy win.

9. Minnesota Vikings(4-1) Last week rank (14)

Ponder is managing the game and A.P is getting it done in the running game.

10. Philadelphia Eagles(3-2) Last week rank (6)

Mike Vick has to stop turning the ball over so much.

11. Green Bay Packers(2-3) Last week rank (8)

The Packers might be the best 2-3 team in league history. Blowing the game against the Colts should cause for concern though for Packer fans.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers(2-2) Last week rank (16)

Huge win against the Eagles last week. Big Ben came through with the game winning drive.

13. San Diego Chargers(3-2) Last week rank (11)

Huge game Monday night against the Denver Broncos. If they win they will have a 2 game lead in the division.

14. Cincinnati Bengals(3-2) Last week rank (12)

The Bengals had a meltdown last week.

15. Seattle Seahawks(3-2) Last week rank (17)

The Seahawks have the league best defense. They will be looking to shut down Brady and company Sunday.

16. St. Louis Rams(3-2) Last week rank (20)

The Rams beat the undefeated Cardinals 17-3 last week. That was a great win for this up and coming team.

17. Denver Broncos(2-3) Last week rank (13)

Huge divisional game against the Chargers coming up Monday night.

18. Dallas Cowboys(2-2) Last week rank (18)

After the bye week will the Cowboys finally get their offense going.

19. Washington Redskins(2-3) Last week rank (15)

RG3 is going to have to stay healthy if the Redskins want to compete in the NFC East.

20. Detroit Lions(1-3) Last week rank (19)

Huge game against the Eagles coming off the bye this week.

21. Miami Dolphins(2-3) Last week rank (26)

The Dolphins are leading the NFL in run defense this season.

22. Indianapolis Colts(2-2) Last week rank (30)

Come from behind victory by Luck and the Colts was one of the best this season. Andrew Luck is proving he is the real deal.

23. Tampa Bay Bucs(1-3) Last week rank (22)

Hopefully the Bucs offense comes together after the bye week.

24. New Orleans Saints(1-4) Last week rank (28)

Great time to finally get the first win of the season. The Saints get the bye week to try and regroup.

25. New York Jets(2-3) Last week rank (24)

Mark Sanchez looks lost and confused out there.

26. Carolina Panthers(1-4) Last week rank (23)

Cam Newton is really struggling.

27. Tennessee Titans(2-3) Last week rank (25)

If the defense could actually stop someone the Titans would be a better team.

28. Buffalo Bills(2-3) Last week rank (21)

The Bills have been outscored 52-7 in the 4th quarter of the last 2 games.

29. Kansas City Chiefs(1-4) Last week rank (27)

The Brady Quinn era is starting in K.C

30. Oakland Raiders(1-3) Last week rank (29)

A trip to ATL and the Falcons is not what the Raiders want.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-4) Last week rank (31)


32. Cleveland Brown(0-5) Last week rank (32)

Is the season over?


NFL Power Rankings (Week 4)

The Texans are crushing teams and they are the new number 1 team in the NFL. The Falcons continue to win and the same can be said for the Arizona Cardinals. This past week saw two teams that people thought would be better get destroyed. There are a few surprise teams this season and we all know RG3 is the real deal. Here are the week 4 power rankings.

1. Houston Texans(4-0) Last week rank (2)

The Texans get the nod over the Falcons because they are absolutely crushing teams. They are winning their games by an average of over 20 points.


2. Atlanta Falcons(4-0) Last week rank (1)

Thanks to a Cam Newton turnover the Falcons are 4-0 this season. A win is a win and it looks like they could win their division by Thanksgiving. Roddy White is proving he is one of the best WR in the game.


3. San Francisco 49ers(3-1) Last week rank (4)

The 49ers refocused and demolished the Jets 34-0. They racked up 245 yards on the ground against the Jets defense. The defense brought Mark Sanchez one step closer to losing his job to Tim Tebow.


4. Baltimore Ravens(3-1) Last week rank (3)

The game last Thursday against the Browns wasn’t pretty, but the Ravens found a way to win the game. This team will go as far as Joe Flacco takes them.


5. Arizona Cardinals(4-0) Last week rank (5)

They are 4-0 for the first time since 1974. The victory wasn’t one to get excited about as they once against couldn’t get over 300 net yards offensively for the game. Imagine how good they can be if they get their offense going.


6. Philadelphia Eagles(3-1) Last week rank (7)

For the first time all season Mike Vick didn’t have a turnover. The amazing thing is that the Eagles are 3-1 and there is still talk that the team should bench


7. New England Patriots(2-2) Last week rank (8)

The Pats were down 21-7 to the Buffalo Bills at about the 11 minute mark of the 3rd quarter. They went on to out score the Bills 45-7 the rest of the way. If they keep the running game going they just might not lose another game.


8. Green Bay Packers(2-2) Last week rank (9)

The Packers won a must win game against the Saints at Lambeau Field. They are now digging themselves out of a hole but they are only one game back in the division.


9. Chicago Bears(3-1) Last week rank (11)

The Bears completely whooped the Dallas Cowboys at Jerry World on MNF. The Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall combination finally got on track, and the defense played very well. The defense harassed Tony Romo all game and forced him to throw 5 interceptions.


10. New York Giants (2-2) Last week rank (6)

The Giants are becoming to dependent on Eli Manning. As the injuries pile up people will have to wonder how long they can continue to win.


11. San Diego Chargers(3-1) Last week rank (12)

The Chargers are 3-1 just as they were at this same time last year. The question has to be are they for real or will they fall apart as the season continues.


12. Cincinnati  Bengals(3-1) Last week rank (13)

Huge stretch for the Bengals as they play 4 of their next 5 games at home.


13. Denver Broncos(2-2) Last week rank (15)

Peyton vs Brady against this Sunday. It should be a great game as two of the best quarterbacks of all time square off. Brady is coming off a great game against the Bills, and Manning is looking stronger each week.


14. Minnesota Vikings(3-1) Last week rank (19)

They just might be a bigger surprise than the Cardinals so far this season.


15. Washington Redskins(2-2) Last week rank (23)

RGIII is the real deal period. As long as he stays healthy the Redskins will compete for the next 10-12 years.


16. Pittsburgh Steelers(1-2) Last week rank (17)

The Steelers have a record of 4-1 following a bye week under Mike Tomlin.


17. Seattle Seahawks(2-2) Last week rank (10)

The offense for some reason can’t pass the football. Their defense is keeping them in the game, but Russell Wilson will have to start providing some yards in the passing game.


18. Dallas Cowboys(2-2) Last week rank (14)

Tony Romo has a very good receiving core, but for some reason they can’t get on the same page. The Cowboys have been blown out in 2 of the past 3 games. The question needs to be asked is Tony Romo the answer at quarterback?


19. Detroit Lions(1-3) Last week rank (18)

Last year penalties killed this team. This year so far it has been special teams play. They are already 2 back in the division so thinks better turn around quickly for this Lions team.


20. St. Louis Rams(2-2) Last week rank (26)

Huge divisional game tomorrow night against the 4-0 Cardinals. If the Rams can win that game they are still in the hunt. If they lose they will already be 3 back of the Cardinals.


21. Buffalo Bills(2-2) Last week rank (20)

Yes they gave up 52 points to the Patriots, the question though has to be where is Mario Williams?


22. Tampa Bay Bucs(1-3) Last week rank (21)

The Bucs play the next 2 games at home against the Chiefs and Saints, if they can win those games they will be right back in the thick of the race.


23. Carolina Panthers(1-3) Last week rank (24)

If Cam Newton hadn’t fumbled late in the game the Panthers would be 2-2 and the Falcons 3-1.


24. New York Jets(2-2) Last week rank (16)

I knew the lose of Revis would be huge, I didn’t expect the Jets to get blanked though. Mark Sanchez looks like a scared quarterback out there playing. To make matters worse Santonio Holmes is lost for the season.


25. Tennessee Titans(1-3) Last week rank (22)

The Titans got blown out, but we finally got to see the real Chris Johnson. The injury to Locker can hurt this team in the long run.


26. Miami Dolphins(1-3) Last week rank (27)

Back to back overtime defeats is tough to deal with. The bright spot was Ryan Tannehill threw for a rookie record 431 yards last week.


27. Kansas City Chiefs(1-3) Last week rank (25)

Where is the Matt Cassel that played for the Patriots the year Tom Brady got hurt?


28. New Orleans Saints(0-4) Last week rank (29)

The season is probably already over for Drew Brees and company.


29. Oakland Raiders(1-2) Last week rank (28)

Should be interesting to see how the Raiders play coming off their bye week.


30. Indianapolis Colts(1-2) Last week rank (30)

Much success to the Colts head coach as he battles cancer.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3) Last week rank (31)

The Jags just are not very good.


32. Cleveland Browns(0-4) Last week rank (32)

Can the Browns win a game? Brandon Weeden has already thrown 7 interceptions.


NFL Power Rankings Week 3

There is a new team on top of this week’s power rankings.

1. Atlanta Falcons(3-0) Last week rank (2)

The Falcons went on the road and pretty much destroyed the San Diego Chargers.


2. Houston Texans(3-0) Last week rank (3)

The Texans are looking to clinch their division by week 8 or 9. Great win on the road at Mile High Stadium.


3. Baltimore Ravens(2-1) Last week rank (7)

The Ravens have won a team record 12 games in a row at home. Huge victory last week in the rematch of the AFC Championship game from last year.


4. San Francisco 49ers(2-1) Last week rank (1)

Shocked they lost at Minnesota. Look for this team to refocus and run off a few wins in a row.


5. Arizona Cardinals(3-0) Last week rank (13)

The Cardinals are 3-0 for the first time since 1974.


6. NY Giants(2-1) Last week rank (8)

Is Eli the best quarterback in the league?


7. Philadelphia Eagles(2-1) Last week rank (5)

The Eagles have lost one game all year and fans are already calling for Mike Vick’s job. The line does need to protect him more.


8. New England Patriots(1-2) Last week rank (6)

For the first time since 2003 the Patriots are under 500.


9. Green Bay Packers(1-2) Last week rank (4)

The loss on Monday night was one of the worst calls of all time. Where did the Packers offense go???


10. Seattle Seahawks(2-1) Last week rank (14)

The refs gave them the game Monday night. At the end of the day though a win is a win and they are now 2-1. Their stadium is one of the hardest places to play in the league.


11. Chicago Bears(2-1) Last week rank (15)

Huge game Monday night against the Cowboys coming up. Will Forte be healthy enough to play?


12. San Diego Chargers(2-1) Last week rank (11)

The Chargers were just outplayed by the Falcons at home last week. The game against the Chiefs this week is very important.


13. Cincinnati Bengals(2-1) Last week rank (17)

Back to back wins after starting the season with a loss to the Ravens.


14. Dallas Cowboys(2-1) Last week rank (16)

Tony Romo has played back to back subpar games. Will the line start to protect him? Will Jason Witten show up?


15. Denver Broncos(1-2) Last week rank (9)

The Broncos can’t spot teams 20 points each week and expect to win.


16. NY Jets(2-1) Last week rank (19)

The loss of Revis will be devastating to the defense. How much longer will Sanchez be the starting quarterback?


17. Pittsburgh Steelers(1-2) Last week rank (10)

Ryan Clark called out the defense in the media this week. I wonder what kind of effect it will have on the team.


18. Detroit Lions(1-2) Last week rank (12)

The Lions lack discipline. Will they make the playoffs this year?


19. Minnesota Vikings(2-1) Last week rank (28)

Upset the best team in football last week. If they can carry that momentum Sunday they could start the season 3-1.


20. Buffalo Bills(2-1) Last week rank (25)

Both Spiller and Jackson practiced today. That has to be good news for the Bills.


21. Tampa Bay Bucs(1-2) Last week rank (21)

If Tampa Bay wants to win some games, their offense has to get going.


22. Tennessee Titans(1-2) Last week rank (27)

Huge win at home last week against the Lions. When will we see the real Chris Johnson though?


23. Washington Redskins(1-2) Last week rank (18)

The offense can score, the question is can they stop anyone from scoring on them.


24. Carolina Panthers(1-2) Last week rank (20)

Cam Newton looked confused and frustrated last week against the Giants defensive line.


25. Kansas City Chiefs(1-2) Last week rank (29)

Jamal Charles ran right through the Saints defense. That was a huge win for the Chiefs early in the season.


26. St. Louis Rams(1-2) Last week rank (22)

If the offensive line can protect Sam Bradford they can win some games this season.


27. Miami Dolphins(1-2) Last week rank (24)

Tough loss to the Jets last week. The question for the Fins though is how long will Reggie Bush be out?


28. Oakland Raiders(1-2) Last week rank (30)

First win for the new coach Dennis Allen.


29. New Orleans Saints(0-3) Last week rank (23)

In danger of starting the season 0-4. If they lose to the Packers this week, their season is probably over.


30. Indianapolis Colts(1-2) Last week rank (26)

Andrew Luck still needs a running game.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars(1-2) Last week rank (31)

MJD looks like he is back to normal after his holdout.


32. Cleveland Browns(0-3) Last week rank (32)

When will Cleveland get their first win?

NBA Player Rankings 6-10

Okay so the countdown has taken us all the way to the top 10 in the NBA. This is where it gets difficult to rank each player because they are all very good at what they do. This is superstar territory and these are the max contract guys. Lets see how it goes!!!!

10. Carmelo Anthony

Team: New York Knicks

Position: SF

Age: 28

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 22.6 points, 6.3 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 0.4 blocks, 1.1 steals

Carmelo is one of the best offensive players in the league. Many of his fans claim he is the best scorer in the league yet, I cannot agree because he has never won a scoring title. Carmelo is that rare player who can score from the three point line, on the block or in isolation plays. He has great footwork and when he gets going he is hard to stop. The question remains, is he just a scorer or a player that can lead a team to the title? In his 9 full seasons in the NBA, he has been out of the first round exactly one time!!!

He is not much of a defensive player and this season will be interesting to see if he and Amare can play together. There is a lot of pressure on Melo to lead the NY Knicks, this season will be huge for his legacy. Will he go down as just a good scorer or one of the all time greats!

9. Rajon Rondo

Team: Boston Celtics

Position: PG

Age: 26

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 11.9 points, 4.8 rebounds, 11.7 assists, 0.1 blocks, 1.8 steals

Rajon Rondo might be the best pure passer in the league. He is the engine that currently drives the Boston Celtics. Gone are the days of him being a secondary player to KG and Pierce. The entire Boston attack relies on Rondo controlling the game offensively. It’s true his outside shot could use some work, but he still manages 12 points a game, to go along with almost 12 assists a game. Boston reloaded this year in an attempt to squeeze one more title out of KG and Pierce. If they are to do it Rondo will lead them.

8. Chris Paul

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Position: PG

Age: 27

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 19.8 points, 3.6 rebounds, 9.1 assist, 0.1 blocks, 2.5 steals

This is the golden era of point guards in the NBA and most fans have CP3 as the best in the game. It is true, he is a master of the P&R and is one of the best in the league at controlling the tempo of a game. He has revitalized the Clippers with his leadership and chemistry with Blake Griffin. He is one of the toughest players in the league, even though he tends to flop a bit much. The Clippers should improve this year and much of it will have to do with how CP3 plays and leads this loaded Clipper team.

7. Derrick Rose

Team: Chicago Bulls

Position: PG

Age: 23

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 21.8 points, 3.4 rebounds, 7.9 assists, 0.7 blocks, 0.9 steals

Obviously ranking Rose this high is a risk. I expect him to return to his MVP form and continue to lead the Bulls. When he is healthy he has the ability to create problems offensively which few point guards can match. He controls everything for the Bulls offensively and is probably the most humble superstar in the league. Some would argue he is the most athletically gifted point guard in league history.  He is their leader and as long as his knee is healthy I expect him to move up the ranks in the years to come.

6. Deron Williams

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Position: PG

Age: 28

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 21.0 points, 3.3 rebounds, 8.7 assists, 0.4 blocks, 1.2 steals

In my opinion, Deron is the best point guard in the league. He has the ability to play both guard positions with equal efficiency. There are few point guards in the league who can go out and score 50 one night, then turn around and have 15 points and 15 assists the next. His combination of speed and size make him awfully hard to contain. The Nets have moved to Brooklyn and you can expect Williams to lead them to a top 3 seed in the East this season.

NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Another week, and the 49ers are still the number 1 ranked team. The NFL season has completed week 2 and there were some great games this past week. There was the controversy at the end of the Giants-Bucs game, there was also the beat down the Seahawks put on the Dallas Cowboys. Here are the week 2 power rankings.

1. San Francisco 49ers (2-0) Last week rank (1)

There is really no question who the best team in the NFL is so far this season. Starting the season with 2 wins against playoff teams, sums up their start. As long as Alex Smith continues to play at a high level they will be in the Super Bowl.

2. Atlanta Falcons(2-0) Last week rank (6)

The defense made a statement last week with the victory at home against the Broncos. Matt Ryan is going to flourish with the weapons he has. If the defense keeps this up they will have a great year.

3. Houston Texans(2-0) Last week rank (5)

The schedule has been easy so far for the Texans. They put together a more complete game last week against the Jags. The running game is in full motion and the Texans should easily get 12 wins.

4. Green Bay Packers(1-1) Last week rank (8)

The Packers got back on track last week with a great defensive game against the Chicago Bears. They  harassed  Jay Cutler all night for 11-27 for 127 yards. The offense looked better as well this past week.

5. Philadelphia Eagles(2-0) Last week rank (13)

The first win against the season wasn’t impressive at all. They bounced back last week with a great win against the Baltimore Ravens. The defense played great and if Vick can cut down on the turnovers the Eagles will continue to win games.

6. New England Patriots(1-1) Last week rank (2)

A surprising loss to the Arizona Cardinals at home last week moves the Pats down. The bigger concern should be the diminished role of Wes Walker and the injury to Aaron Hernandez. They have a big game coming up this week against the Ravens.

7. Baltimore Ravens(1-1) Last week rank (3)

Tough loss to the Eagles this past week. The Ravens need to find a way to get the ball to Ray Rice more. Huge rematch of the AFC Championship game this week at home against the Patriots. I look for a bounce back performance by the Ravens.

8. New York Giants(1-1) Last week rank (10)

Eli threw for 510 yards in the comeback victory against Tampa Bay. The only question I have is where is the pass rush?

9. Denver Broncos(1-1) Last week rank (7)

Horrible start to the game for Manning. The Broncos regrouped though and made a game out of it on Monday night against the Falcons.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1) Last week rank (14)

The Steelers bounced back from the loss at Denver on opening night. The defense dominated the Jets offense and Big Ben is carrying the offense.

11. San Diego Chargers(2-0) Last week rank (15)

The Chargers are off to a great start this season. This is a huge year for Philip Rivers and Norv Turner. They are in the front seat after two weeks for the AFC West title.

12. Detroit Lions(1-1) Last week rank (12)

The Lions lost on the road to the best team in the NFL last week, that isn’t something to hang your head down for. The big question should be, when will the offense start clicking.

13. Arizona Cardinals(2-0) Last week rank (19)

Huge road win against the Patriots last week. One of the surprise teams thus far in the NFL. If they win next week they will be 3-0 for the first time 1974.

14. Seattle Seahawks(1-1) Last week rank (29)

The loss to Arizona doesn’t look so bad since they beat the Patriots. They also destroyed the Dallas Cowboys 27-7.

15. Chicago Bears(1-1) Last week rank (11)

Jay Cutler looked like a high school quarter back last week against the Bears. The Bears need to hope there is no locker room problem after Jay blew up on the lineman. The Bears also need Forte to get healthy.

16. Dallas Cowboys(1-1) Last week rank (4)

The Cowboys follow up a great win on opening night against the Giants with a collapse against the Seahawks. Seattle is a tough play to play at but the Cowboys were completely manhandled.

17. Cincinnati Bengals(1-1) Last week rank (18)

Where is the defense? Last year they were ranked number 7. So far after 2 games they are ranked 30.

18. Washington Redskins(1-1) Last week rank (9)

Another good game for RG3. If it weren’t for a personal foul at the end of the game, the Skins could be 2-0.

19. New York Jets(1-1) Last week rank (16)

Mark Sanchez looked absolutely horrible against the Steelers after the first couple of drives. If Sanchez has another game like he did last week, you will start hearing whispers for the Jets to start Tebow. The bigger question though is what happened to the defense?

20. Carolina Panthers(1-1) Last week rank (21)

Cam Newton rushed for a career high of 71 yards against the Saints. Thursday night should be a big game for the Panthers as the host the defending Super Bowl Champs.

21. Tampa Bay Bucs(1-1) Last week rank (20)

They should be 2-0. They had the game against the Giants and threw it away.

22. St. Louis Rams(1-1) Last week rank (30)

Close win last week against the Washington Redskins. Sam Bradford has started this season off looking like the first pick in the draft a few years ago.

23. New Orleans Saints(0-2) Last week rank (17)

Biggest surprise in the NFL right now. The Saints have to figure out how to stop the opposing teams offense from scoring so easily. Drew Brees is great but I don’t think you can depend on the Saints offense to score 35 every night just to have a chance to win.

24. Miami Dolphins(1-1) Last week rank (27)

Easily defeated the Raiders last week. Reggie Bush is looking like an all-pro and the defense is very good against the run.

25. Buffalo Bills(1-1) Last week rank (32)

Bounced back and defeated the Chiefs with no problem. C.J Spiller is running the ball very well in the absence of Fred Jackson.

26. Indianapolis Colts(1-1) Last week rank (26)

First win for the Colts during the Luck era. They have to find a running game if they plan on getting 8-9 wins this year.

27. Tennessee Titans(0-2) Last week rank (23)

Where is Chris Johnson?

28. Minnesota Vikings(1-1) Last week rank (24)

Is Christian Ponder the answer at quarterback?

29. Kansas City Chiefs(0-2) Last week rank (22)

Some thought this team would contend for a playoff spot. If that is the case they better turn it around in a hurry.

30. Oakland Raiders(0-2) Last week rank (28)

When was the last time Oakland was good? The Raiders have a very tough stretch of games coming up.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars(0-2) last week rank (31)

Horrible performance by Blaine Gabbert last week against the Texans.

32. Cleveland Browns(0-2) Last week rank (25)

Better game for Brandon Weeden but when will the wins come?

NBA Player Rankings 11-15

Let’s continues with the top 11-15 players. This is the time people tend to start debating because there are so many great NBA players.

15. LaMarcus Aldridge

Portland Trail Blazers

Position: PF

Age: 27

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 21.7 points, 8.0 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 0.8 blocks, 0.9 steals

There are a select group of NBA fans who would say he is ranked to high. To counter that some would say, he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves because he is playing on the terrible Portland team. He is a top 15 player and if he can lead the Blazers to the playoffs he has a chance to move up in rank. His offensive game really doesn’t have any holes. He can post on either block and can step out about 20 feet and knock down the jump shot. I might even go so far to say his play reminds some of a young Rasheed Wallace.

14. Tony Parker

San Antonio Spurs

Position: PG

Age: 30

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 18.3 points, 2.9 rebounds, 7.7 assists, 0. blocks, 1.0 steals

Last season was Tony’s best as a pro. He deserved MVP consideration for the season he put together in 2011-12. He is the leader of the Spurs attack and has been given the role as the first offense on the Spurs. With his ability to always get to the paint, Tony has a chance this upcoming season to try and help Tim Duncan get that 5th ring before he calls it a career.

13. Kevin Love

Minnesota Timberwolves

Position: PF

Age: 23

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 26.0 points, 13.3 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 0.5 blocks, 0.9 steals

Kevin Love has already made a case for the best power forward in the game. If he can find a way to put up the same numbers as last year and lead the Wolves to the playoffs, he will be the best in the business. He is a ferocious rebounder and a very underrated athlete. I mean, 26-13 really is hard to do on a night in and night out basis. I think the next step for him as a player is leading the Wolves on a playoff run. This summer at the Olympics I am sure he observed the other greats and what they do in preparation to lead their respective teams. I look for him to take the next step this season and move up on the list.

12. Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas Mavericks

Position: PF

Age: 34

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 21.6 points, 6.8 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 0.5 blocks, 0.7 steals

After the 2010-11 season there were many NBA fans claiming that Dirk was the best in the league. That claim was hard to argue after the way Dirk played during the Mavericks title run. Last season for Dirk he seemed to took a step back but can you fault him? Overall, he still had a great season by NBA standards and he is poised to once again average over 21 points a game for the 13th straight season. Dirk will slowly move down this list as his age will begin to show as the young guys evolve as players. Even with that, he still has a lot left in him and will go down as one of the top 40 players of all time.

11. Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder

Position: PG

Age: 23

2011-12 Per-Game Stats: 23.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, 5.5 assists, 0.3 blocks, 1.7 steals

The season Russell Westbrook put together in 2011-12 put him in the elite group of NBA players. He helped lead the OKC Thunder to the NBA Finals. There are a lot of fans who would actually say he is the emotional leader of the Thunder. One thing for sure though, he is one of the most athletically gifted players at the point guard position of all time. True he isn’t a traditional point guard but he gets the job done and has improved each season. If the Thunder are able to win the title this year, don’t be surprised if he cracks the top 10.

NFL Power Rankings (Week 1)

The NFL season has started. It seems that this season will be one for the history books. The only problem with week 1 was the fact that some how Tim Tebow was still a hot topic on various networks. There were so many other compelling stories to talk about this past week. The Cowboys won in NY against the defending champs, Peyton Manning made his return, and RG3 demolished the Saints. Now with week one in the rearview mirror its time for the weekly power rankings.

1. San Francisco 49ers(1-0) Last week Rank –

The dominated the Packers in Lambeau. They were able to hold the Packers to 22 points. This team looks like they are capable at making a Super Bowl run.

2. New England Patriots(1-0) Last week Rank –

Tom Brady is back at it. He picked the Titans defense apart and controlled the whole game. If the defense continues to play the way the way they did last week then Tom Brady will be in another Super Bowl

3. Baltimore Ravens(1-0) Last wee rank-

On Monday night the Ravens unleashed Joe Flacco. There title hopes ride on the arm of their self proclaimed elite QB. With the defense getting older it will be up to the offense to carry this team most of the season. Ed Reed still looked good out there though.

4. Dallas Cowboys(1-0) Last week rank-

This might be a little high for them, but they went into the Giants house and for the most part controlled the game. Football fans remember the last time the Cowboys went to play there they were embarrassed. It was only one game but the Cowboys have a lot of weapons. They also have upgraded the secondary. This team is fragile mentally so we will see where they finish.

5. Houston Texans(1-0) Last week rank-

They started the game off slow against the Miami Dolphins, but once they turned it on it was over. This is a Super Bowl caliber team so we will see where they end up.

6. Atlanta Falcons(1-0) Last week rank-

They went to K.C and destroyed the Chiefs. Matt Ryan looked good and the Falcons really want to make some noise this season. 40 points on opening day isn’t a bad way to get the season started.

7. Denver Broncos(1-0) Last week rank-

Peyton Manning played a good game and silenced the critics who think he can no longer play. The defense didn’t overwhelm but they got the job done.

8. Green Bay Packers(0-1) Last week rank-

First team up on the rankings that took a loss last week. If they were beat by someone like the Bills it would be cause for concern. Yes the did lose at home but they lost to a very good San Francisco team. They can learn from those mistakes and move forward.

9. Washington Redskins(1-0) Last week rank-

RG3 debut in the SuperDome and he put up 320 yards in the air and 42 on the ground. What more needs to be said? Oh yeah, they held Drew Brees to under 50 percent on this throws.

10. New York Giants(0-1) Last week rank-

A loss by the defending Super Bowl champs on opening night to the Cowboys is not the end of the world. As long as they learn from there mistakes I expect them to be there at the end.

11. Chicago Bears(1-0) Last week rank-

Jay Cutler started the game slow but he found his groove. The defense confused and picked off 3 passes by the number 1 pick Andrew Luck.

12. Detroit Lions(1-0) Last week rank-

They got the win but Stafford will have to cut down on the picks if they Lions expect to make the playoffs.

13. Philadelphia Eagles(1-0) Last week rank-

Mike Vick will have to take better care of the ball if they want to make a Super Bowl run. A piece of advice for Andy Reid, get the ball to LeSean McCoy more. There is no reason for Vick to pass the ball over 50 times.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers(0-1) Last week rank

They lost to the Broncos on opening night at Mile High so there is no reason to panic. They also played without Safety Ryan Clark. I see them moving up the ranks before they move down.

15. San Diego Chargers(1-0) Last week rank-

The Chargers will contend with the Broncos for the AFC West crown. If Rivers can have a huge year they just might beat out Denver.

16. NY Jets(1-0) Last week rank-

They could be ranked higher if they hadn’t played the Buffalo Bills. Everyone knows the defense will cause any offense in the league problems.

17. New Orleans Saints(0-1) Last week rank-

They ran into RG3 and the new look Skins. There is a lot of adversity going on with this team but I look for Brees to lead the Saints into the playoffs when its all said and done.

18.  Cincinnati Bengals(0-1) Last week rank-

They lost to the Ravens on opening night. As long as Andy Dalton doesn’t have a sophomore slump, the Bengals will still be in the playoff hunt.

19. Arizona Cardinals(1-0) Last week rank

They got a win against a rookie QB in his first game, that isn’t saying much.

20. Tampa Bay Bucs(1-0) Last week rank-

The Bucs beat Cam Newton and the Panthers in an ugly game. Hopefully Freeman returns to his rookie form.

21. Carolina Panthers(0-1) Last week rank-

For the Panthers to become relevant Cam Newton has to play better.

 22. Kansas City Chiefs(0-1) Last week rank-

They were beat in every way by the Falcons, no reason to say anymore.

23. Tennessee Titans(0-1) Last week rank-

They were beaten convincingly by the Patriots opening day. The major concern though is the health of Jake Locker

24. Minnesota Vikings(1-0) Last week rank

It took overtime to beat one of the worst teams in the NFL, need I say more!!!

25. Cleveland Brown(0-1) Last week rank

They almost pulled the upset of the Eagles. The offense didn’t play well and they must get better play from the QB position if they want to be any good this season.

26. Indianapolis Colts(0-1) Last week rank-

The Andrew Luck era has began for the Colts. He had a shaky first start, but he was going against one of the best defenses in the league.

27. Miami Dolphins(0-1) Last week rank-

The Dolphins hung around for awhile against the Texans but turnovers doomed them. If the Dolphins want to improve they need better play from their rookie QB.

28. Oakland Raiders(0-1) Last week rank

Its a new group of people running things in Oakland so I expect them to learn from week one and improve.

29. Seattle Seahawks(0-1) Last week rank

Their rookie QB has to play better for them to get some wins. The offensive and defensive lines have to play better as well.

30.St. Louis Rams(0-1) Last week rank

They played well for a little bit against the Lions. They need a big year from Sam Bradford if they want to improve this season.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars(0-1) Last week rank

They almost won in Minnesota against a team with basically one player on offense that is a threat. They are ranked so low because that one player is fresh off an ACL injury and they still allowed him to play a huge role in the game.

32. Buffalo Bills(0-1) Last week rank

They lost Jackson and Fitzpatrick looked awful. They also gave up 48 points to a Jets team who couldn’t sniff the end zone during the pre-season.

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